Our Green Policy

Print Solutions follow an ethically respected Green Policy.

Where products can be re-used on site, they are, resulting in minimal landfill waste.

All waste products generated on site are sorted and disposed of using registered recycling agents.

Machines are seviced to optimum operating capacity to minimise wasted energy in the production process.

We are currently compiling statistics of our recycling trends and will publish them on this page shortly.

Our commitment to the environment means that we support self sustainability in our Industry.

Only FSC papers (meaning papers manufactured and supplied using sustainable methods) are used on site.

Solar Power

We were the first European based Print Finishing Company and the first independent manufacturing company in the East of England to install Solar PV panels to our premises ensuring high levels of self sustainability. Furthermore it provides additional clean energy to other users which results in directly benefitting the environment.

An array of Photo Voltaic panels on our roof contribute to supplying our own demands for daily energy with any additional supply going directly to serve the National Grid, direct from our company site in Peterborough. This has massively reduced our impact of CO2 emissions, providing a positive Environmental Conscience Working Practice.

(Statistics for photovoltaic data are currently being compiled for publication)

Machinery Pumping Systems

We have taken the positive action in fitting Piab Vacuum pumps to our equipment allowing efficiencies such as, reduced maintenance, minimal energy requirements, less wear and tear, massively reduced sound output as well as an all-round general improvement in overall machinery performance, service and downtime.