This is the process that describes the cutting out of shapes from materials such as paper and card. It is also used in the leather and plastics industries.

It uses a metal cutting forme or ‘die’ which is shaped to the profile that is required to make the cut. The cutter is compressed by machine against the material and cuts through it cleanly to reveal a stamped out shape of finished stock.

Print Solutions are able to die cut paper, card and some plastic materials into a wide range of shapes and sizes up to B2 in sheet size. We cut bespoke to your specifications from the smallest of quantities ie ‘1’ to multiples of tens of thousands.

We can advise you on the best way to prepare for print, we can print it for you or use your pre-printed material. We can use cutters you supply but please note we work to the specific rule heights of 23.30 cut, 22.60 crease.

Print Solutions are also able to ship the finished items to a delivery point in plain wrapping which makes it financially sensible and keeps the production stream efficient.

When supplying files you need to be aware that we will need them Hi Resolution (Print Ready) PDF’s with a separate file showing a ‘keyline’ of the shape you need us to cut. A file showing the keyline overlaid onto the image for a visual would be useful too.

Simply contact us if you need anything diecutting and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your options with you.

Any questions just contact us via the form below or call 01733 232166