Lamination (in print terms) is the action of fixing by compression a thin plastic film onto the surface of a sheet of paper or board by either heat or wet glue.

Print Solutions have been involved in laminating paper since 1984. The myriad of change to this service in that time has meant we have grown to understand the disciplines of fixing laminates to paper and board substrates.

From thinner papers to board materials we can advise on the most efficient form of lamination for your project.

We are familiar with both wet and thermal systems and have been instrumental in testing digitally printed stocks with superstick film adhesives for manufacturers and suppliers across Europe and Asia.

Finishes are varied so speak to us if you need anything specific.

We offer a full range of laminates from standard gloss and matt finishes. Soft touch velvet, linen embossed, leather and hammer finishes are some further examples.

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