Offset Lithographic print services

As a trade supplier we offer a full litho print service which enables you to gain speed of turnaround. These services are ideal if you are some distance away but need quality finishing processes to take place post press. We can produce the whole product using your print ready artwork supplied, negating any need to produce the print in your factory and lose value by transporting the printed paper stock across to us.

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress technology dates back in Europe to the 15th century when moveable type was introduced and the first information technology revolution took place by enabling many to become educated through the expansion of printed text & teaching. The process involves forming individual moulded, moveable metal type into page format and locked in to a printing press. Ink is applied to the surface of the reverse image metal type and paper is ‘pressed’ over it. This action causes an ‘impression’ of the type to replicate on the paper. Letterpress was commonplace as standard printing technology right up until the early 1980’s but was superseeded by the more efficient photographic methods of printing such as Lithographic offset printing. More recently letterpress printing has seen a revival in an artisanal form.

Because print solutions are a finishing house we still use letterpress printing presses for our finishing processes so it stands to reason that we offer letterpress printing services too.

Letterpress offers you a different feel to print.

There’s a nostalgic feel to letterpress with impression marks and a clarity of ink which because it does’nt reduce images to a single dot does not look washed out and delivers a clarity on paper that is visually different to offset litho. Letterpress delivers an image that is naturally appealing and allows a tactile benefit with a traditional feel.

If you are looking for something different visually then letterpress may be worth a consideration.

Screen Printing

Print Solutions offer a full screen printing service up to A0 sheet size with varying thickness of substrates.

We print using a fully automated cylinder system using UV inks. The inks go through a high intensity combination dryer and are cured instantly. Colours are applied as one colour at a time

Digital Printing

We offer a full range of digital print services. We can print on stocks up to 350gsm boards and have full variable data / personalisation facilities offering mail merge and mailing services to your project. Our digital equipment is the latest in technology calibrated to true colour with the highest resolution settings allowing us to offer the very finest digital print quality.