A high impact book binding process in which a layer of adhesive holds the pages and cover together

PUR Perfect binding is a very robust binding system using hot melt glue injected into the spine of a book when being finished.

The cover is pressed up against the glue, sealed and left to cool.

PUR needs to settle for at least 24 hours before being used as the glue needs to be fully cured, failure to do this will mean the spine glue will crack and fail causing the pages to fall away from the cover.

For additional strength Print Solutions apply side glue seams to each book ensuring a strong bind. The book is creased in four positions to form a clean spine wrap which allows the spine glue and the side glue to seal securely against the paper pages and cover material.

Print Solutions use the latest Binding systems to ensure a quality product. We source the best glues, supplied from ethically structured and respected manufacturers.

Speak to us about our binding services, we are on hand to advise you what processes will work best for your project.