The ability to physically see an image highlighted on a piece of printed literature against a matt surface is a major advantage particularly on sales and corporate brochures. Spot UV varnish delivers a crisp almost mirrored look which denotes quality and consistency to the branding of the product.

Application of spot UV varnish is done via a screen printing method. From a marketing and design point of view it is a subtle and very effective way of getting your message across firmly with an additional indication of quality.

We can print and spot UV varnish using your Hi Res PDF files supplied or can take your pre-printed materials and process them from there – the choice is yours. If you are supplying preprinted stock then we need a minimum 16mm grip edge and you must indicate your lay edge clearly. When spot uv’ing register is key so marking up grip and lay edges are very important to our production processes.

Most UV varnished products need laminating first and we offer that service too*

Generally speaking a matt lamination is applied first then the UV varnish is overlaid in a gloss finish, but we could matt varnish if required. The development of new laminates are proving to be very successful getting people to recognise new tangiable finishes such as ‘soft touch velvet’ lamination which is very popular alongside a spot UV overprint.

At Print Solutions we appreciate every printed product needs to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is point of sale or office literature, getting the message read and effectively understood has never been more important – spot UV varnishing is a good way of achieving that.

Feel free to contact us or call 01733 232166 and a member of our team would be happy to discuss the options open to you in greater detail.


* Sadly we are unable to process your supplied laminated stocks for processing as we have quality tested our films to run along side our varnishes to deliver the best possible results. Using films alien to our varnishes could create adhesion issues which could reflect badly on us and our business.